Why I traded 40% of my BTC for LUNA during this crash!! It was both a defensive and offensive play!!

6 min readSep 22, 2021

Above is the YouTube video expanding on this article below.

If you have watched my videos or read any of my articles, you would know by now how I am excited about the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem. I am aware that a lot you reading this article are the same way! Now our excitement is usually seen not just by our mouths, when we speak about a project but our wallets. As you know I am invested over 200 projects both in time and my finances. I wrote an article about this explaining my reasons. Feel free to read that and upvote. Even within all those projects I have some favorites.

Usually when a crash happens, is when I like to load up on Cryptos that I am interested in. Sadly the opposite happens in the space. This always amazes me. Everyone loves to get stuff on sale but when it comes to investing, the opposite always happens. People start buying when things are running up and start selling when it’s going down. It’s the buy high, sell low mentality.