This project will have one of the biggest airdrops the likes of UNISWAP or DYDX! How to participate!

6 min readOct 2, 2021

Above is the YouTube video expanding on this article below.

We have heard about people making a killing from airdrops. Someone posted getting a $900K worth of airdrop from the recent DYDX airdrop. Most times people are fortunate because they get airdrops worth a lot by just interacting with the protocol as we saw in the case of Uniswap where everyone that did any kind of transaction even if it failed got 400 UNI. The question has been how to figure “IF” a protocol will do an airdrop and then find a way to get ahead of most folks.

Before, I reveal the project, let me give a little history of how I discovered it. It’s crazy that this was also how I discovered the Terra Ecosystem. Back in the end of 2019, a YouTube subscriber of mine told me to check out Synthetix (SNX) and how they were going to revolutionize trading. As a YouTube Influencer, I get all kinds of folks suggesting for me to shill their bags which I usually ignore. After what transpired with this incident and how it made me a lot of wealth, I don’t ignore them as much. Anyway, at the time SNX was around $0.50. He kept telling me this and finally when I looked at it, it had doubled in price. I went ahead and bought some and started digging in.

I found out that you could provide liquidity with Synthetix Ethereum (sETH and Regular Ethereum (ETH) on Uniswap DEX and earn SNX so I went ahead and did this. All this was happening towards the end of 2019. At the time Uniswap was not that big of a DEX. When the SNX rewards dried up, I removed my liquidity and forgot about this. Towards the end of 2020, there was a buzz that Uniswap had given airdrops to anyone that had interacted with the DEX. I checked mine and was shocked at how much UNI I got. Got rid of 75% of it at $5–6 thinking I was a genius because not long after it fell to $2. We all know where the price is as of today. I had wanted to get rid of all of it but I learned my lesson from some projects like Binance that I bought at $0.16…