Artemis Protocol (MIS); solving the Defi liquidity dilemma and enabling farming yields on steroids!!

3 min readOct 31, 2021

Harmony (ONE) ecosystem is blowing up! If you visit, the farming yields on Artemis (MIS) which is built on Harmony (ONE) are just mind blowing! They are in the Millions of percentage. This is because the LP (Liquidity Provider) yields are compounded every 10 minutes. Add to this that the first IDO on Artemis Protocol called Reverse Protocol and you have a positive Bull storm on your hands. I explore all that in this video!

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To start using Harmony (ONE) chain, go to and sign in. It will add RPC. If that RPC does not work use To find ONE address from OX address, Add LP with just ONE use, If you want to remove LP…